Application Process

Admission to Garnet Career Center is contingent upon completion of the Application Process.

All applicants must:

  1. Fill out the Garnet School application, and, if required, fill out a program application. (LPN; Phlebotomy)
  2. Return application to the school office
  3.  Pay Application Fee as posted under each program's cost sheet with application submission.
  4. Pay any required seat deposit by due date.
  5. Register to take the required entrance test and pay required fee. ( TABE test for Automotive Technology,  Business Education Programs, and Phlebotomy; TEAS test for LPN)
  6. Provide copy of high school diploma or transcript, GED/TASC certificate (LPN applicants MUST provide copy of HS transcript)
  7. Provide copy of Driver's License or photo ID for all programs. (Automotive Technology Program MUST provide Driver's License)
  8. Provide copy of medical insurance and sign Student Health Insurance Waiver Policy
  9. Students will be accepted based on individual program and school policies. Acceptance is based on test scores and is competitive.
  10. Students in LPN Program will be notifed of acceptable test scores after each TEAS testing session. Students in other programs will be accepted after TABE test results are reviewed. Any student who is waitlisted, or pending retesting, will be notifed of acceptance before the end of May based on available seats in each program. Admission packets will be sent to accepted students mid-May.
  11. No students will be considered for admission after last scheduled testing session has passed.

-Students seeking financial assistance must apply for federal and state financial aid through the website. Garnet's School code is 015675. A completed FAFSA is reviewed by the financial aid secretary to determine eligibility. The Financial Aid Specialist will review student's eligibility and may suggest other avenues the student may pursue. Garnet Career Center does not participate in the Federal Student Loan Program.