PT Time HEAPS Application

To apply for Financial Aid for the Phlebotomy Program:

1. Download the application at bottom of screen .

2. Fill in the application. This is a fillable PDF.

3. To save the application after it is filled out, "Print" application. When prompted to print, change destination to "Save as PDF".

(You can also still print the application and fill it out manually.)

4. Save to your desktop or a file on your computer.

5. Return the application to Garnet Career Center:

  • Scan or take a picture of the printed application and email to:
  • Attach the filled version you saved to your desktop in an email to:


  • Return filled out applications to Garnet Career Center main office at 422 Dickinson St., Charleston, WV 25301 by mail or in person.

***Please note that the fillable PDF version of the application does not allow signatures at this time. Be sure to date your application, but do not worry about signing them. We will get your signatures when we see you.

Please note that PT Time HEAPS is awarded per semester on a first applied / first awarded basis based on the amount allotted to the school each year by WVHEPC.

Funds are divided equally each semester among all qualified applicants.

Despite the amounts of
maximum awards listed in the FAQ,

individual students will often receive awards of

NO MORE than $500

and the amount may be less depending on the number of qualified applicants each semseter.

Garnet Career Center would like to
assist as many students as